Buying Indoor Playground Equipment

arcade gameSchool playgrounds don't get much, if any, use during the summertime, making this a fantastic time for upkeep and repairs. Caring for this through summer helps ensure that your indoor playground business is as secure as you can and in excellent condition for the approaching school year.
Can an Inspection
Take care to perform a comprehensive review of your school playground, or have a specialist inspector do so. You should also search for any litter or debris on or around equipment that could be a danger for children. Be conscious of any repairs that are required, and that means you may have these taken care of before the school year starts. Doing a review may also help you find possible problems with playground equipment that could develop during the college year.

Even minor issues with school playground equipment can become large ones who can put kids in danger when they're playing. Whether you have a broken swing or some components that are badly worn or loose, make arrangements to have repairs done during summer when there aren't too many kids around.
Assess for Storm Damage
When intense storms roll through during summer, they can leave behind debris which could be hazardous, such as big branches. You may also detect damage to playground equipment from hail or wind-blown debris. Clear away any debris that has fallen on or near equipment, and also have storm damage fixed.

If your college park has a fence around it and chairs or other seating, don't forget to look at their condition. Fences may have holes or bent parts that need to be repaired. For instance, wooden seats might want to be sanded to eliminate worn down areas that could give children splinters.
Eliminate Tripping Hazards
Assess around playground areas for possible tripping hazards, such as large rocks or tree roots. These hazards must be removed to decrease the risk of falls.

The surfacing material for your college playground should be in good shape, which helps lower the chance of severe injuries, such as head trauma or broken bones. This material should offer enough cushioning to lessen injuries if kids fall or trip. If any parts of the surfacing material are worn or uneven, they should be raked, repaired, or replaced. Loose fill surfaces, like wood fiber or rubber mulch, compress over time and may need to be topped off with additional material.
Eliminate Pests
Bees, wasps and other insects might build nests on park equipment during the summertime. Have any nests you locate removed by pest management professionals, and that means you can make sure this is performed safely. In the event of honey bees, a few regional beekeepers may be eager to eliminate nests for you for free so as to help maintain bee inhabitants.
Spending time doing repairs and maintenance on your college playground this summer is a great way to make sure that it's ready for routine use once the new school year starts. If you have older equipment that needs to be replaced, contact us for more information. We provide custom, commercial playground structures that are made in the U.S. and simple to install.

The New Fuss About Indoor Playground Equipment

indoor playgroundYou have got the basics -- an wonderful play area developed with multiple ages in mind and specialization compost for soft landings -- but a number of the most useful park elements are often overlooked. From a committed (and secure ) space for puppies, to particular needs favorable swings, and even a place for families to gather, here are a couple components your park could possibly be overlooking.

Dog Friendly Play Zone

A growing number of people visit dog parks annually -- and you probably have plenty of canine visitors already. Developing a dedicated distance allows you to keep pets off the playground and at a particular, gated location. A dedicated drama zone gives you somewhere to post principles for pets along with the playground, doggy disposal bags, and some entertaining agility training bits only for pups. Firstly, it decreases the chance that a puppy will interfere with or chase children, and ensures your play area stays waste free.
Special Needs Swings and Gear
A single exceptional needs swing can delight a child that would otherwise be not able to play. Children with disabilities are obvious candidates for this type of gear, but children with balance and gross motor skill problems would enjoy being able to use the gear too. Autism rates continue to climb, and many kids that are on the spectrum have neurological issues that affect balance -- they benefit greatly from a swinging.
The movement of swinging can help soothe the circulatory system and benefits last long after the swinging has finished. One time a kid with equilibrium problems outgrows the complete chairs of a baby swing, they often can't make the transition to a simple rubber chair; a oversize, special needs friendly swing, or disk makes the park enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Fitness Equipment

Sturdy, freestanding gym equipment can be used by adults and older adolescents to get fit while visiting the park. When some things may be out of reach, kids may also use fitness equipment for its intended purpose or for creative experience play. A growing number of individuals are foregoing the gym in favor of exercising outdoors, and childhood perceptions studies have shown that nature can help in motivation, wellness, and well-being. Adding fitness into a park, playground, or nature trail really adds value.

You do not have to have a huge pavilion, but having a sheltered, dedicated place for gatherings and celebrations gives citizens a cheap and relaxing spot to have a celebration. Whether it's a kid's party, a family reunion, or simply a fun get together, having a place which can be used for a get?together is likely to create your playground more family friendly. Include a designated seating area with picnic area and accessibility to restrooms for best results; locals will be able to use your space more efficiently in the event that you have these amenities available.
Emergency Equipment
Equipment such as Automated External Defibrillators can save lives in an emergency. Adding an AED for your space could save yourself an adult or child's lifestyle. These portable, user friendly devices are popping up in public areas anywhere, from Disney World to State and Federal controlled parks.
The elements you add to your park will count on the people who use it and the communities you wish to function. Careful consideration of the needs of your intended audience, and a summary of what you would like to accomplish with your playground, can help you fine tune your choices and ensure you've got the finished result you want. Contact us to understand how easy it is to groom your park to serve your desired audience and get the results you want from your area.

Marriage And Indoor Playground Have More In Common Than You Think

arcade gameWould you want to start an indoor park but have no idea where to start? Let's go over the gaps of the two options.
By moving the franchise route, you're not alone on your trip to opening. Our dedicated and professional staff is here to assist you each step along the way, starting with your own location. We'll run an extensive market evaluation in your chosen area or areas, and find the ideal match for the Luv two Play brand. Our commercial realtor will begin locating possible buildings for your new company, and handle working with the neighborhood realtor on the required measures.
You'll be assigned a project supervisor to be your Luv two Play liaison for the remaining part of the process. When the location is determined and the lease is signed, we will help you find an architect for the project. We have a partner architect who will bid the job too. We highly recommend utilizing this asset because he and his staff have worked on a lot of Luv two Play places, making for its most straightforward architectural stage. While the builder and their staff of engineers is working on your job, our design staff will start the process of designing your own custom indoor playground. You will be able to give feedback in this process.
We'll also help find some general contractors to bid out your project, including some who have partnered with us and worked on several locations. Your project supervisor will work with your GC to ensure a smooth construction period.
Also included with the purchase price of your own playground is a startup advertising package helping get you prepared for grand opening, theming and signage throughout your space, kid sized tables for your party rooms, business cards, advertising brochures, and table tent cards, comment pads and comment box, discount cards, and art for digital menus, stickers, background mural for back party room partitions, view through window graphics for exterior front windows, initial staff clothes bundle, grand opening window bundle, gift cards, original purchase of socks for sale, 15 examples of wristbands, and more. Transport of your custom indoor playground is also included and it will be professionally installed by one of our set up teams.
Our team of trainers will come to your site to train your employees in preparation of your grand opening. In addition, we provide ongoing training and service, and are always testing new and entertaining ideas in our corporate shops. Our yearly franchisee convention is a great asset to Luv 2 Play owners too.
You'll receive a franchise discount on your playground equipment. We've worked with vendors and set up accounts to provide you discounts on things such as Coca Cola, exterior sign, kitchen gear, etc..
In the long run, our years of expertise in the industry will allow you to succeed. We've been through it all with enormous amounts of succeeding in addition to trial and error. If it sounds like the right fit for you, please see our website in
By going the independent route, you'll be on your own during the procedure. You won't be required to pay a franchise fee or royalties, however. This is a great option for people who are adept in choosing places, negotiating leases, as well as understand and possess vast expertise in the design and construction market.
Whatever route you decide to choose, we welcome you and are excited to be a part of your trip to owning your very own indoor playground enterprise.

Cracking The Arcade Game Secret

indoor playgroundIf you believed the Ms Pacman cocktail arcade game was in the World Video Game Hall of Fame, you would be incorrect. It's been on the shortlist for entrance -- it had been about the shortlist both this year and last year. It still hasn't made the cut though.
In fact, zero 1980s arcade games combined the Hall of Fame this past year. Nevertheless, the judges failed to select a classic 1990s arcade game. This was in addition to console games, a mid-70s text-based adventure game, and a game which was packaged free in the Microsoft Windows operating platform.
Classic 1980s (and Pre-1980s) Arcade Games on the Shortlist but Which Missed the Cut

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is managed by The Strong's National Museum of Play.
These are some of the great 1980s arcade games which have cut at the Last hurdle this year:
• Ms Pac-Man -- a finalist for two years now so, indoor playground set hopefully, it will Find the recognition it deserves in future decades
• Centipede -- the 1981 award winning classic from Atari that offered gameplay similar to Space Invaders but with insects Rather than spaceships
• Asteroids -- the brilliant multidirectional shooter released by Atari in 1979 which was among the first arcade games to achieve widespread popularity

What about the video games that did get inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame this year? Here they are:
• Mortal Kombat -- this is the only arcade game to get in the World Video Game Hall of Fame at 2019. Through time, various titles and versions of this game have been published on a range of different platforms. The initial four incarnations, however, starting in 1992, were arcade just.
• Microsoft Solitaire -- packed in the Windows operating system, it has been mechanically installed on billions of computers across the world. Since 1990, it has helped workplace workers pretend to be busy and is now played 35 billion times a year.
• Super Mario Kart -- the most fun and popular racing game which was first released in 1992. It features characters from the Mario Bros video game franchise and continues to be released on several consoles and platforms.
• Colossal Cave Adventure -- an obscure (compared to the other huge gaming titles mentioned in this article) text-based adventure game published in 1976. To play it, you write commands and there aren't any graphics. The aim is to locate treasures and resolve puzzles.
Hopefully, Ms Pac-Man gets her chance next year. You do not have to wait until then to play it though, particularly if you've got your own arcade system. Have a look at our range today.

You, Me And Indoor Playground Business: The Truth

Thinking of starting your very own indoor playground enterprise? The process is simplier than you may believe and you have picked the right time to perform it. Indoor Playgrounds are becoming the latest"big thing" that are rapidly spreading around the globe. indoor playground equipment Playgrounds International will be here to help you each step along the way from concept to completion and everything in between. Please see some of our guidelines for opening your new playground business below.

You will need to gather information about your community and basic market information such as:
The need for an indoor playground in your community
Just how many children are on your community (generally ages 0-12)?
Do you reside in a community with many tourists?
What exactly does your competition look like? Can there be any?
When you have competition, then what do you do to differentiate yourself from the competition?
What are you going to bill your customers? What are your competitor's charging?
Just how much is it to lease or purchase the space you'll need?
How big of a space would you believe you'll need?
If you need help with collecting any of the information you might consider a franchise through our partner company Luv two Play. Please contact Luv 2 Play and then fill out the contact form to learn more.
Data Analysis & Business Plan
You can use the data you gathered on your market research in order to compute some very simple analysis like your break-even evaluation, start-up expenses, and 3 year projections.
From these types of analysis you are able to use this information to create a business strategy. If you plan to attract investors or find a business loan you will surely need a fantastic business program. Indoor Playgrounds International can assist you with this step of the procedure if necessary. We all recognize that the place can be critical to the achievement of a new business. If possible select a high traffic area such as close to a mall or shopping centre. If you reside in a large tourist area then pick a place next to where tourists may come in/out of your town.
When looking for a building keep in mind that if you want to allow you to play structure tall you need a tall building. To get a 3 story play structure you will need at least 15 feet of unobstructed height on your construction. Also search for any obstacles in the construction where the drama construction will go. If you'd like electrical soft play on your playground then make sure electricity is likely to the area you need it.
Contact Indoor Playgrounds and we can assist you with a few tips about a place. Bear in mind every city/town/state is different and the best place may vary from place to place.
Style Your Playground
Decided where on your space you want the playground to be. Don't forget to think of things like celebration rooms, eating places, areas for couches or tables & chairs for visitors to sit and relax.
Get a floor plan or dimensions of your place and contact Indoor Playground International to acquire a personalized quote. If you do not have any notion that is okay also. Our professional designer can come up with some thing you will love.
We'll continue to revise our design's until they exceed your pride.
If you require help with financing please contact us. We work with a lot of fund companies that could rent the equipment for you so that you can free up your cash flow for other areas of your company.
If you are looking for something other than a lease we may have the ability to steer you in the right direction for that as well. Just contact us and we will do anything we can to help.
At this time the production of your playground will begin. We'll keep you updated every step along the way while your playground is being manufactured.
Website Preparation
While we are busy distributing and producing your indoor playground you may prepare your website for the opening and installation of your new business. These items can include: interior decorating, personnel training and recruitment, and preparing advertisements and promotions.
Inspection & Shipping
Our playgrounds are produced in China and you are more than welcome to see the factory to inspect your finished product before shipment. This would also be a great chance for you to receive some free instruction on playground maintenance and service.
We will provide full shipping services door to door to your playground including customs clearance.
Oure team of professional playground installers will come to one location to put in your playground shortly after arrival of the gear.

Following the grand opening of your new indoor playground, Indoor Playgrounds International will continue to provide you superior support and service which includes your product warranty, care service, new merchandise discounts, and some other thoughts and tools you might need to continue to conduct a successful business enterprise.

Essential Indoor Playground Equipment Smartphone Apps

indoor playground equipmentIndoor playgrounds are very popular destinations for families with kids, but if not properly cleaned they could become a danger to public health and security. A proper cleaning program is very important for maintaining your playground safe for children.
First, let us look at the gaps between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
Cleaning: using soap and water to get rid of chemical, physical, and microbial substances from surfaces.
Sanitizing: utilizing chemicals or other verified methods to decrease the amount of germs on blank surfaces to a safe level.
Disinfecting: utilizing chemicals to remove each the germs listed on the product label, which may consist of bacteria, parasites, or viruses.
Germs may nevertheless be present even if park surfaces appear clean. Properly cleaning afterward sanitizing or disinfecting will decrease harmful germs and children's risk for disease and illness.
Routine cleaning and sanitizing
Indoor playground surfaces should be washed and sanitized daily, and place cleaned during the day, even if they don't look cluttered. Clean and sanitize surfaces instantly if dirt is current. Clean surfaces thoroughly with warm water before sanitizing. Indoor Playgrounds International recommends assigning a staff member to constantly spot clean throughout the structure during business hours. Not only does this guarantee a clean playground, but it helps parents.

Body fluids (blood, urine, vomit, fecal matter) are highly contagious and should be cleaned up quickly. The affected area should be closed so employees can clean and disinfect. Clean surfaces thoroughly with soap and water before disinfecting.

Below is a list of do's and don'ts regarding cleaning supplies.

Soap & Water: mild antibacterial soap and warm water are recommended for cleaning. Use approximately two tablespoons to a gallon water. Never use degreaser on almost any plastics, domes, or chimney.
Soft fabrics: clean, absorbent soft cotton fabrics are better to use for cleaning.
Soft bristle brush: use clean, soft bristle brushes for cleaning ropes and net crawls, and removing dust and debris out of plastics.
WD40: use WD40 to remove scuffmarks on vinyl just. Wash and rinse the surface immediately after having to get rid of any residue.
Paper towels: never use paper towels onto domes or windows.
Harsh chemicals: not use harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, or other compounds that may hamper or dull the plastic.
At indoor playground diy Playgrounds International, we place cleanliness and safety of over all else. Showing parents you care about the wellbeing and security of the children ensures they will reunite and spread the word.